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The Cheapest Halloween Candy 

Halloween is just a week away and if you haven’t already purchased your Halloween candy to hand out to the ghosts and goblins that come to your house for trick or treating, there is still time to get some great deals!  There have been several promotions by retailers leading up to the big holiday, but if you are a last minute shopper, the best place to buy your candy is at Safeway.

Most Halloween candy is difficult to compare simply because every retailer buys different package sizes and configurations with unique upc codes, so they are not always directly comparable.  The smaller fun size packages are for the most part comparable, so for purposes of comparison – that’s what we are sharing below.

Here are a couple of price comparisons of the 9-11 oz Mars (Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, etc) candy bags across local stores.

Safeway has the Mars candies on sale for just $2.49 with a new Buy 5, mix and match promotion through 10/30  The same bag is $3.00 at King Soopers, $2.67 at Target and $2.68 at Walmart, so if you buy 5 bags (55 oz), you’ll pay $12.45 at Safeway, compared to $15.00 at King Soopers, $13.35 at Walmart and Target.   The price per oz at Safeway is $.23 per oz for these chocolates.

If you prefer Hershey’s Chocolates, the Hershey Fun Size Bags are on sale for $2.49 when you buy 5, mix and match at Safeway through Wednesday 10/30.  Here’s how Hershey’s Chocolates compare across Colorado stores: Safeway is the cheapest with a sale on Hershey’s Chocolates 8 – 10 oz bags for $2.49, which is $.23 per oz.  If shopping at Target, they have a coupon for $2.00 off 2 large Halloween candy bags in their ad the Target Cartwheel app through the 27th.

Hershey's Fun Size Price


Another popular option is the Tootsie Roll Child’s Play bag.  This 3.5 lb. bag is just $5.99 at Safeway ($.11 per oz) with an in-store and in-ad coupon, compared to $8.99 at King Soopers ($.18/oz), $7.00 on sale at Target ($.13/oz)  and Walmart is carrying the same bag for $8.58, which is $.16/oz.  This candy happens to be the best value for the money across all Colorado stores.

Child's Play Candy Price


child's play candy coupon


Bottom line, the cheapest candy deal is the Tootsie Roll Child’s Play 3.5 lb bag at Safeway.  For just $5.99 – you are paying just $.11 per oz and getting a ton of candy to hand out on Halloween!  If you need Halloween accessories or costumes – head to King Soopers where you will find an extra 40% off of Halloween costumes, accessories, plates, etc.

Eva Fry is a grocery industry and pricing analyst and the founder of the free, consumer uGrocery price comparison app.

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