colorado turkey prices

Thanksgiving Turkey Prices Across Colorado

Turkey is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving.  Be sure to shop early for the best selection of turkeys to get the size you want.  Here is a round-up of the turkey prices across Colorado stores this year.  The cost varies depending on if you want fresh, frozen, or organic.  We’ve also published a comprehensive comparison of 50 of the most popular Thanksgiving items across Colorado stores.  See the full comparison here.  Colorado shoppers can use the free uGrocery app to compare prices for everything from the turkey to the stuffing.

colorado turkey prices

Store Brand Whole Frozen Turkey:

  • King Soopers (Kroger)- $.69/lb  (Private Selection is $.99/lb)
  • Safeway/Albertsons (Honeysuckle)– $.79/lb
  • Target  (Market Pantry) – $.79/lb
  • Walmart (Festive) –  $.68/lb

Store Brand Natural Whole Frozen Turkey:

  • King Soopers (Simple Truth Natural)- $1.99/lb
  • Safeway (Open Nature) – $1.99/lb
  • Target (Simply Balanced) – $1.99/lb
  • Whole Foods – $1.19/lb

Butterball Whole Frozen Turkey:

  • King Soopers – $1.49/lb
  • Safeway/Albertsons – $1.99/lb
  • Target – $.99/lb
  • Walmart $.98/lb

Organic Whole Frozen Turkey:

  • King Soopers (Simple Truth Organic)- $2.99/lb
  • Safeway (O Organics) – $3.99/lb

Frozen Whole Turkey Breasts (bone-in):

  • King Soopers (Honeysuckle) – $1.69/lb
  • Target (Market Pantry) – $1.39/lb
  • Safeway (Honeysuckle) – $1.99/lb

Fresh Turkey:

  • Sprouts Fresh Natural Turkey – $1.69/lb
  • Sprouts Fresh Organic Turkey – $2.99/lb
  • King Soopers – Fresh Butterball Turkey $2.19/lb
  • King Soopers – Red Bird Fresh – $3.49/lb
  • King Soopers – Honeysuckle White Fresh – $1.99/lb
  • Safeway – Honeysuckle Fresh – $1.79/lb
  • Whole Foods – Organic Fresh Turkey $3.69/lb
  • Costco – Butterball Fresh Turkey for $.99/lb
  • Costco – Organic Fresh Turkey – $2.99/lb

Bone-in Ham Shank:

  • King Soopers – $1.29/lb
  • Safeway $1.29/lb
  • Whole Foods – $3.99/lb

Spiral Sliced Ham:

  • King Soopers – $1.99/lb.
  • Safeway – $1.99/lb.
  • Walmart – $1.98/lb
  • Target – $1.99/lb
  • Costco – $1.99/lb
  • Whole Foods – $3.99/lb
  • Sprouts – $2.49/lb

uGrocery is Colorado’s only grocery price comparison service.  Download and use the free uGrocery app to see all the best deals and all unadvertised sales at King Soopers, Safeway, Walmart and Target.  Compare prices real-time for your shopping list and save.

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