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Grocery Cash Back Apps
Cash back or instant rebate apps have been all the rage in the last year in the couponing world. The basic premise is you browse the grocery deals in the app, add to them to your account, purchase the item, submit a picture of your receipt and you get cash back for your purchase through your paypal account. These rebates often work on top of manufacturer coupons, although I’m sure not designed to be used that way and they can also be used on top of sales across the stores. Here are the most popular cash-back apps in the market today.

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ibotta, a Colorado company has created a rebate app for groceries, apparel, beer, wine and liquor, beauty products, restaurants, and more. ibotta rewards you for engaging with a brand in the app, scanning the product you’ve purchased and uploading a picture of your receipt. Brand engagement may include watching a commercial, learning a fact about the product, completing a survey or sharing on social media. Offers may vary by store and by person based on your purchase activity. After your receipt is uploaded, you get cash for your purchases either to PayPal or Venmo, or you get can a gift card. ibotta also rewards you for connecting your Facebook friends and participating in team rewards where you meet certain redemption goals each month to earn extra bonus cash. ibotta recently introduced rebates on any brands like frozen pizza, milk, and even rebates for produce.  Sign up for your free ibotta account here.

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Checkout 51 – This rebate app is one of the easier apps to use. New offers are available on Thursday each week and expire the following Wednesday. Simply add the offers to your account, purchase the items and submit a picture of your receipt to get your rebate. No need to engage with a brand or scan the product that you’ve purchased. You can cash out once your account reaches $20. Many checkout 51 offers can be redeemed more than once when you buy multiple items in the same transaction. You can also get cash back on fresh produce and milk with this app.  Sign up for your free Checkout51 account here.

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Mobisave – The newest rebate app in the grocery space, Mobisave, is one of the easiest to use and most user-friendly. You simply add the offers to your account, purchase the items, scan your receipt and get cash back instantly in your paypal account. No minimums or product scanning or brand engagement required. The redeemed offers get re-loaded within a few days to encourage brand loyalty and re-purchase. Sign up for your free Mobisave account here.

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Saving Star – With the SavingStar app, you add an offer to your account, purchase the product, scan the product, submit a picture of your receipt and get cash back. SavingStar offers higher value offers than the other apps to reward you for purchasing more products. For example, save $5 when you purchase $25 in participating items. SavingStar also features a healthy rebate each week where you can save on fresh produce. You can cash out once your account earns $5.  Sign up for your free SavingStar account here.


Berry Cart

BerryCart – A cash back app focused exclusively on natural and organic products, Berry Cart offers can be redeemed at any store, however many of the products are only available at natural food retailers. Berry cart requires brand engagement via a product rating or learning a fact about a product to load the offer to your account. The app allows you to see where you can buy the products so you know before you shop if a product is available at a certain retailer. You can cash out once your account earns $5.  Sign up for your free BerryCart account here.

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