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Price Matching – What you Need to Know 

In this new digital and ever connected era, price transparency is a reality.  It’s a blessing to consumers and perhaps a curse to retailers, but several retailers will happily oblige when it comes to matching prices.  Both Target and Walmart will match competitors advertised sale prices as well as online retailer prices.  So the next time you are making a purchase, whether groceries, household items or even toys and books, if you do a little research ahead of time, you can save big bucks!

While I know it’s easy enough to order from Amazon for books, movies, toys, etc, I drive by a Target or Walmart at least 4 days a week, and sometimes you can’t plan for a birthday party gift that far in advance, so price matching makes it really easy to shop locally and save money!

Watch a 3 minute video about price matching and how it works here.


Walmart and Target match local competitors advertised sale prices.

At Walmart and Target – it’s best to bring the competitors grocery circular with you and know exactly what prices you want to match so that the prices can be over-ridden at checkout.   You can use the uGrocery price comparison app and see the advertise sales across your local store and if Walmart or Target is the winning store but there are some prices that are cheaper at another store, you can ask for a price match on those cheaper items.  You just have to make sure they are in the ad to get the price match.

Walmart makes it extremely easy to price match competitors advertised sales with their Savings Catcher app.  You simply scan your receipt using the Walmart app and if it finds an item on your receipt that was advertised as a cheaper price elsewhere, Walmart will give you the difference in the form of an e-gift card that you can use at Walmart on a future purchase.

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Books and Movies:  Both Walmart and Target will price match book and movie prices from online retailers as well.  See the complete list of online retailers that Target will price match and the Walmart price matching policy here.

Say your daughter just finished the last Dork Diaries book and she can’t wait to get the next book in the series.  While you are Target, you can quickly scan the bar code using the Amazon app and go to Guest Services and pick up the book for the Amazon price.

price matching books

Dork Diaries Book: $13.99 list price at Target and $8.53 on Amazon.  Save $5.46 when you price match Amazon at Target – and get an extra 5% if you use your Target Red Card.


Toys:  I have saved the most on price matching toys from Amazon at Target.  For example, my son is really into Legos and Legos are really not cheap, so I always price match to make sure I am not overpaying and I am getting the best value.  price matching toys

Lego Minecraft Farm  is $29.99 at Target in the store, and $20.99 on Amazon. 

Had I not price matched I would have paid $10  MORE or 33% for the same lego set that we were getting as a gift for a birthday party this weekend.  $19.94 after 5% Target Red Card.


Electronics, Household Gadgets or big ticket items: It pays to take a few minutes to compare prices online before making your purchase.  Use free apps like the Amazon app, Target or Walmart to see which store in your area or online retailer has the best price and then match that price at your local big box store.  Price matching is an easy way to save on small household gadgets like coffee makers to printers, and even big ticket items like TVs and computers.

blender price match

Shark Ninja $79.99 on Amazon, $99.99 at Target – Save $20.  I paid $75.99 after the Target Red Card 5% off.


Price Matching Tips:

  • Download the free uGrocery app to compare and price match grocery prices
  • Download the Amazon app to compare and price match Amazon prices
  • Go to customer service at Target to price match
  • Price match at Walmart during checkout with the cashier

Price comparing can and shopping at the store that has the best price or price matching can save you hundreds of dollars a year.


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