King Soopers Ends Double Coupons

King Soopers Coupon Doubling Comes to an End

It’s official – the end of a double coupon era is upon us.  King Soopers announced today that they are ending double couponing effective August 23rd. Paper coupons will be accepted at face value after the 23rd.  The Denver Kroger banner is one of the last Kroger affiliates across the country to end the double coupon program.  It’s long been speculated that coupon doubling will end in Colorado eventually, and now with a new Division President, Dennis Gibson at the helm, that time has come.

King Soopers decreased prices last year and adjusted prices again in June this year based on trending data of grocery prices in the uGrocery pricing platform.  They continue to make investments in reducing prices, digital coupons and personalized offers that will help people save on top of competitive sale prices.

According to the press release, they have been investing additional resources into their digital coupons and promotions in effort to modernize their coupon policies.  The King Soopers digital properties now offer personalized experiences across their mobile app, website and email with digital offers, promotions, and regularly purchased item deals based on customer’s shopping habits and preferences.

While the end of coupon doubling is disappointing to couponers, the digital coupons offers have increased in value, are easier to use and can save lots of time. The Mega Events are still huge savings events, so still plenty of opportunities to save.

Safeway, King Soopers biggest rival will continue to double paper coupons up to $1.00.  Walmart, Target, Sprouts and Natural Grocers have always accepted coupons at face value.

This move will certainly raise the competitive stakes in the already uber-competitive Colorado grocery market.  Safeway has recently re-launched their Just for U app in Colorado, making it available to Albertsons shoppers with extremely competitive offers like $.49 eggs, so it can be expected that King Soopers will follow suit with hot digital offers to lure customers in.  In addition, Walmart just announced the purchase of for $3B, which will also increase the competitive landscape as more customers choose to buy groceries online.

Customers can always know the best place to shop with the free uGrocery app for iphones.  Compare prices of your shopping list real time across King Soopers, Safeway, Walmart and Target, and see a total bill comparison to know the best place to shop.

See the official press release here:

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