Signing In

How do I reset my password?

Simply click the ‘Forgot’ link on the sign-in page and enter your email address. A temporary password will be emailed to you. You can change your password in the ‘User Preferences’ setting anytime.

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Creating a Shopping List and Comparing Prices

How do I use uGrocery?

  • You can use uGrocery to create a shopping list and compare prices across local stores real time for one product at a time, or for your entire list.
  • To start, either search for a product by manually typing the product name in the search box, or use the bar code scanner to scan the product UPC code to add the item to your list.
  • If searching manually, find the brand name you are looking for and open it to find the specific product.
  • Click the + symbol to add a particular item to your shopping list. You will see the symbol change to a check mark when it’s been added to your list.
  • If you wish to compare prices before adding the item to your list, expand the product further to see real-time prices across the stores. Add the item to your list by clicking the Add to List bar.

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If you have any trouble getting a UPC barcode to scan, try tilting the product – sometimes reflections and shadows make barcodes hard for the phone to read.

How do I use Find Lowest Bill?

Once you have created your shopping list, you can click on the Find Lowest Bill on the top of the list page. This calculates the total estimated bill for all comparable items on your list. If there are non-comparable items, they are highlighted with an * asterisk letting you know they are non-comparable and therefore not included in the list totals. You can then select the store you plan to shop and your complete store list is visible for you to use at the grocery store to cross items off your list.








How do I cross items off my list?

While you are in the list page for the store you have selected to shop, you can simply cross items off your list by tapping the circle over the image after you’ve placed in your shopping cart. The crossed off items are displayed at the end of your shopping list under the heading Crossed Off.








How do I delete items from my products and my list?

You can swipe left on the product record in your shopping list or in your products screen to remove items from your list and profile.








What is My Products?

My products is your comprehensive shopping profile. Every time you add an item to your shopping list, it is remembered in your products screen. Items that you have marked as favorites will appear at the top of your product screen. You can quickly add your favorites to your shopping list by clicking the Add All link in the products screen for one touch shopping list creation of the items you purchase most frequently. You can use the products screen to quickly manage everything your family buys and compare prices real time rather than searching for the same products every week using the search or scan feature.








What’s in the Deals screen?

Deals are sales, both advertised and unadvertised. They are organized by store and category so that you can quickly see the best deals for a particular aisle or category of products. You can change the store by clicking on the down arrow at the top of the deals screen where you will see the store listings. The percent savings in the deals is the sale price savings off the store’s base price.  It’s possible you will see 0% savings here when stores are advertising their base prices in their sales flyers. If you have the coupon setting turned on, you will also see coupon deals in the deals section, not just sale deals. To see the details of a sale, continue clicking through to the ultimate sale details page where you can see any necessary details like buy one get one free or minimum quantities required to get sale pricing.








When are the deals updated?

Advertised sale prices are updated according to the stores promotional schedules, so for King Soopers and Safeway that’s Wednesday mornings, and for Target and Walmart, on Sundays. Unadvertised sale prices are updated daily by our in-store pricing team as well as the community of uGrocery users who help us find great unadvertised sales in the stores.

Can I scan UPCs for fresh meat, seafood, produce or deli items?

Many meat, seafood and deli item barcodes are unique to the product package based on the weight of the package. These barcodes cannot be scanned and compared at this time. If however, there are pre-packed items that are constant in their package size, like pre-packed shrimp, these are likely included in the app, but most likely not comparable across the stores due to different brands and producers carried by each retailer.

Produce UPCs also vary based on producer and each grocery store may have their own label on their packaging. To search for produce pricing, it’s best to search for those products manually as they have been aggregated and are displayed at a product level. For example – gala apples, organic romaine lettuce 3 packs, etc. While you might get a search result for a produce UPC scan, it will likely not be a comparable product across the stores.








How do I delete items from my products and my list?

You can swipe left on the product record in your shopping list or in your products screen to remove items from your list and profile.








Price updates and Stores

How do I know the prices in the app are correct?

We have a team of pricing specialists that are in the stores each week scanning 20,000 prices every week to capture the most up to date base pricing and unadvertised sale prices/club prices. We also have algorithms in place to detect incorrect pricing so that we are publishing accurate prices in the app. There are instances of zone pricing and as such, the pricing shown is the average price across the local stores, so a slight variance may be possible.

If you find a price that is incorrect, you can let us know by submitting an updated price (directions below).

How can I submit a price update or unadvertised sale price?

You can submit a price update or sale price through the app by first enabling the Price Update feature in the User Preferences section of the app. Once the price update feature is enabled, each time you scan a product you will see the Price Update Bar across the top of your product. When you click the down arrow it opens to the price capture screen where you can input the base price, store, sale price and sale end date. If the item is part of a special promotion, like buy 1 get 1 free, you can submit those details in the sale description box. Once you enter the pricing information, simply click Update and your price changes will be sent to the uGrocery admin team who will confirm the pricing and update for all to see.

Can I submit new products?

Yes, you can submit new products through the app. When you scan a product upc code, if the product is not available in the uGrocery database, the upc code is researched and added to the database over time. If you know the pricing of the product, then you can submit the product with the price so that it can be added to the database right away. Simply enable the Price Update feature in User Preferences, scan the product barcode, enter the store and base price. If the item is on sale, you can also submit sale pricing with an end date and the information will be populated in the database.

Can I add new stores?

The uGrocery app is currently set up to display price comparisons for King Soopers, Safeway, Target and Walmart. We are working to add more stores in the future, and if you would like to request a store addition, please email us at to make that request.

I’m not seeing any store brands in the app, are they available?

Yes store brands are available in the uGrocery app, but they are turned off as a general default setting of the app. This is because store brands are not comparable (yet) and therefore they will not be included in the Find Lowest bill feature. You can turn store brands on in the User Preferences section of the app.


Do you have coupons included in the app?

Yes, online coupons from are visible in the app. If you are interested in seeing online printable coupons, you can enable the coupon preference under User Preferences to show coupons. At this point, the app simply informs you that the coupons are available to print from, it does not calculate the final price of sales combined with coupons. In the near future you will be able to email your shopping list with the coupon links so that you can print the coupons automatically with your shopping list.  Where coupons are available, they are displayed with a coupon symbol next to the product in which they are available.