Download the App

Download the App

The Apple iPhone APP is currently available in Denver, Colorado and select Front Range Cities.

Create Your List

Create Your List

Simply SCAN your grocery and household products, your items are remembered for quick list creation.

Compare and Save

Compare and Save

Compare prices, view sales and Find the Lowest Bill for every shopping list – save $$ every trip!

How It Works

Compare Prices

Scan or search for grocery items to make your list

Compare prices from Colorado grocery stores

Always know the best place to shop

Shopping List

Your list is organized by category for easy management while in the store

The Find Lowest Bill feature gives you complete price comparison of your list

Find Lowest Bill

Know where to shop and how much you’ll spend

Manage your list while shopping and cross items off in the store

Grocery Deals

View all sales by store

Compare sale prices against other store prices

Find all the best deals in one place


Your shopping list history is saved

Select your favorites for quick list creation

See the best deals on your favorites

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Sample Heading

I’ve saved $78 this month alone just by comparing prices and shopping the stores uGrocery recommended with the lowest bill!

Lisa C.    Lakewood, CO